If you get your vehicle stuck in an area of mud, and hitting the gas pedal just has your wheels spinning with no progress, you will need to try other methods in getting it unstuck. When you are on your own, you don't have the benefit of having someone pushing your vehicle as you push the gas pedal, which makes it necessary to come up with a few innovative ideas instead. Here are a few methods you can try to get your vehicle out of the mud slick and back on the road.

Use Nature To Help

Get out of your vehicle and look to see what materials are around you that can be used to gain traction. Twigs, small stones, and clumps of moss can all be put under the front of each of your tires so they have something to grab onto as you accelerate. Make sure to use enough of these materials so the tires will have several inches of material to grab as they move forward.

Look Inside Your Vehicle

Take a look inside your vehicle for items you can use in the same way. Clothing, papers, or magazines can all be used as make-shift ramps for your tires to use to get traction. In a pinch you can use each of your floor mats to place in front of each tire. You may need to wash a few materials, but it will be well-worth the laundry bill to get your vehicle out quickly. Check your trunk to see if you have any cat litter available to get your vehicle out of snow. If you do, it will give you great traction in mud. Plastic grocery bags can be tried as well.

Try Some Rocking

Try putting your vehicle in drive and then quickly switching it to reverse. Switch it back to drive and then reverse again. During this gear-shifting, lean forward when you accelerate and lean back as you try going in reverse. The weight along with the constant back and forth motion may be enough to rock your vehicle out of its mud trap.

Call For Help

If you try all the above methods and nothing works, you will need to get someone to come to your aid. If you have a cell phone you can ask a friend to bring over a chain to pull you out of the sticky situation. If you are not near home or need to flag someone down because you do not have a phone, a tow truck operator like one from John's Wrecker Service can come to your aid and have your vehicle pulled out within minutes.