Whether you are hauling heavy equipment, you want to choose a transportation company that is going to get everything from point A to point B without any damage occurring. Even a little research can help you save money and help you feel more confident in your decision. Here are some tips to help you get started choosing the right company to handle your equipment transportation

Get a Good Price

For many people, pricing is the top priority when choosing a transportation company. This is likely your top priority as well because you want the service to make sense for your bottom line. If you are going to overspend on transporting equipment for your company, then it may not be worth it to do it in the first place. This is why price can be such a big deal when choosing a transportation company. One way to get a competitive price is to have companies bid on the job. There are several shipping sites that allow you to input what your transportation needs are. You will then receive bids for the job and be are able to choose the best company at the lowest rate. For independent trucking companies, most own a dry van and flatbed trailers, whereas professional employee drivers are either pulling a dry van trailer (38%) or a reefer (21%). This should be factored in when considering the cost of the job.

Cover the Risks

When choosing a transportation company, you need to make sure they have insurance. Sometimes accidents can happen and your equipment may get damaged in the process of delivery. The insurance the transportation company provides should be enough to cover the complete replacement cost of your equipment, but if it doesn't offer this, speak to your own insurance agent to see what can be done to give you full coverage.

Pay Attention to Delivery Options

One of the biggest hassles when shipping a heavy item is the pickup and delivery process. Not all companies work the same when it comes to location of pickup and delivery. The majority of the time, you will have four options available, including door to terminal, terminal to door, terminal to terminal, or door to door. Depending on what type of equipment is being transported and how easy it is to get to a terminal, you should have options to make the best decision for you. Before choosing a transportation company, you need to inquire about how they handle pickup and delivery.