When a vehicle breaks down, whether at home or on the road, it is always inconvenient and frustrating. The best that can be accomplished is to know what to do to make it easier, faster, and potentially more affordable to get your car towed. Safety is important too, so keeping that as a priority is necessary. Here are a few tips to help any stranded motorist have the best possible experience with their tow.

Choose the Right Service

Everyone knows to hire a reputable towing company to ensure their vehicle is not damaged. In this instance, the right service is also the company closest to either where the vehicle is or where it needs to go. Towing services charge per mile with all miles to pick up the vehicle and take it back included. A few minutes of checking mileage between tow companies and repair facilities can save a lot of money. The exception is when someone is stranded somewhere unsafe, like a busy highway. In those instances, it is important to always call the service who can be there soonest.

Give Accurate Information

Towing services need to know exact directions and descriptions of the vehicle. Vague directions or neglecting to provide correct contact information can result in delays, a higher bill, or even a cancellation.

Know What is Needed

Not every tow truck is equipped with a winch to pull vehicles from the mud or out of a ditch. Some larger vehicles may need a heavy duty wrecker. The condition of the front end or whether or not the tires are inflated will decide if a flatbed or a wrecker should be sent. Explain the situation fully because there will be a much larger bill if the wrong truck is sent to retrieve a vehicle.

Call the Insurance Company

If you are not a member of a motor club, contact your insurance company to see what is covered for towing expenses in your policy. Some policies will cover the hookup charge only, some will cover it in full and others will not have any coverage for towing unless the vehicle was involved in an accident. Other potential savings may be available through discount clubs, online coupons, and discounts for veterans and seniors from the towing company itself. Also, garages that offer towing will often include discounts when they perform both towing and repair services.

Remove all Valuables

Many towing companies limit their responsibility for any property to the vehicle itself. The contents are the problem of the owner of the vehicle. Remove everything of value to prevent damage or loss during the tow or while the vehicle is in storage or being repaired.

Towing companies are doing all they can to streamline their services to make them safer for their customers and equipment operators. By doing their part to ensure efficiency, towing customers can also help to make an unwelcome breakdown a little more bearable. For more information, contact a company like Darryll's Towing.