Are your teenaged children planning a driving-trip on their own? If you're apprehensive about them setting out on this adventure, it might help you to read the book, Bud and MeThis true story relates the account of nine-year old two brothers, nine-year old Bud, and five-year old, Temple who traveled from Guthrie, Oklahoma to Santa Fe, New Mexico on horse back, by car and by motorcycle. They even met the Wright brothers and other famous people along the way. Of course, that journey happened in 1909 when life was a lot more simple and there weren't freeways and thousands of cars on the road, but it was still a big deal. After reading that account, you'll probably feel a lot better about your older kids going out on their own. In addition, you'll be more at peace when you have done your part in helping them to prepare for the trip. Here are some ideas that might help you to get them ready.

A Car In Good Working Condition - This would be a great time to get your kids involved in knowing the mechanics of how a car works, just in case they face car problems. Do they know how to change a tire? Are they aware of how to check the oil and how to change it? If you know that it's time for a regular check up, think about getting the kids to go with you so that they'll feel more confident in talking to service people.

Money And Credit Cards - The Abernathy boys were given a bunch of checks they could fill out and cash when their money ran out. In today's world there are places that won't even cash checks, so your kids can't rely on that. Hopefully they've saved their own money and they'll be using that. However, if you're pitching in, it might be good to have one central credit card that will be used only for big emergencies. Debit cards are good, but if they're lost, the kids are out of luck. A good way for the kids to have cash is to have it in small bills that can be spent easily. Think about asking them to hide the money in different places, not just the glove box, but places like under a backseat cushion or tucked in a DVD case.

Tow Truck Information - One thing that will certainly give you peace of mind is having the knowledge that your kids can reach a tow truck company in the event of an emergency, whether it's big or small. Some tow truck services are available twenty-four hours a day, every single day of the year, and a tow truck driver will travel to any destination he or she is needed. In addition, these drivers almost always have the names of repair service businesses. They'll take both debit cards and debit cards, too. Think about getting the contact information for several tow truck companies along the route your kids will be traveling and making sure that the information is in the glove box and in your kid's wallets. Contact a tow truck service company like Arctic Thunder Towing & Recovery to learn more. 

As you help your kids plan their road trip, think about making them a care package that includes things like granola bars, apples, boxes of raisins, and plenty of drinking water. A good first aid kit would be good to include in things to pack, too.