Summer is here and the open road is beckoning you and your four wheels to come and explore. Taking a summer road trip is hands down one of the funnest ways to kill a lazy summer day. However, if you are not prepared before you take off and your four wheels somehow manage to fail you, the situation can be anything but fun. Waiting in a hot car for towing services to get to you is nothing exciting. Before you head out on your summer road trip adventures, there are a few things you should do to get prepared just in case something goes wrong.

Stock your trunk with water.

During a breakdown on the highway, with the summer sun having no mercy on you, your vehicle's temperature can sharply rise to an uncomfortable level. Therefore, it is crucial that you have enough water on hand to keep you and your passengers both hydrated and cool while you wait for help to get to you. Stow a few gallons or a case of water in the trunk for just an emergency, and you will have plenty to drink and water to splash on your face and body as needed to keep you cool.

Invest in a reflective windshield cover.

It is no big secret that the summer sun shines through the windows of your vehicle and drives the temperatures up to a high degree. So if you can manage to shield yourself from some of that sweltering sun, you will be much more comfortable. A good reflective windshield cover is a good thing to have on hand. If you want to go with something a little cheaper, swing by a retail store and pick up an emergency blanket in the camping and sporting goods section. These usually have a reflective coating that will work just as well.

Tote along with you some high SPF sunscreen.

Getting a sunburn, even while just sitting in your car, in the middle of the highway on a summer day is a very real possibility. You may already have intentions of taking sunblock along if you are going on a summer road trip, but make sure whatever you do have is the high SPF type which will provide you the highest level of protection. While stranded, you may have no control over how long you stay in the sun, and you may even have to exit your vehicle if it gets too hot.

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