Vehicle towing services can help when you get stranded in your car. Tow trucks have large hooks that attach to the axle of smaller vehicles. A chain is used to keep your vehicle connected to the tow truck so its engine can be used to move your car. Towing services charge a fee based on mileage. You may want to avoid these fees, but sometimes it's best to utilize a towing company's services. These are three instances where you'll need to call a tow truck.

1. Driving your car would damage it further.

There are times when driving your car is possible, but doing so would cause more problems in the future. You should never drive on a flat tire because doing so can damage the rims of your car's wheels. It can even cause axle misalignments that would be costly to repair. If you don't have the necessary supplies or skills to change a flat tire yourself, calling a tow truck is a valid option. A tow truck should also be called if you're experiencing a smoking or sputtering engine, which may indicate an overheating issue.

2. Driving your car is not possible.

Sometimes the damage to your car may be so extensive that you're unable to drive it at all. Stalled cars will not start again until their mechanical problems are addressed. A stalled car may be caused by something as simple as a dead battery. It can also be caused by extensive engine damage that may require a complete engine rebuild or replacement. Unless you're mechanically minded, it's impossible to know what's wrong with your car until you get it to an auto shop. A tow truck can take your car to your auto repair shop of choice.

3. Driving your car would be unsafe.

Whenever you're behind the wheel, the safety of yourself and other motorists should be your first priority. In some cases, driving your car might be dangerous to yourself or others. A cracked or shattered windshield can obstruct your vision, making it unsafe to drive. If you're impaired due to medication, alcohol, or illness, you should not get behind the wheel of a car. Even if you're on the highway when you realize your impairment, you can still make the safe choice by pulling over immediately. If you have no family or friends who can come to your assistance, a towing service can take both you and your car home safely.

To learn more, contact a vehicle towing company.