Nothing is more frustrating than finding yourself locked out of your car. You may have forgotten to take your keys with you when you parked and went inside of a store. You also may have broken the key or lost your key fob and cannot get back into your vehicle.

Instead of trying to find a way to regain access to it, you can call for emergency roadside help. You can contact a reputable towing company for 24-hour car lockout services.

Avoiding Breaking a Window

When you call for car lockout services, you can avoid having to break a window to get back inside of your vehicle. You may think that your only recourse is to break a back or side window and then climb or reach inside to unlock your door. However, this option not only leaves you with a broken window. It also leaves you with the expense of fixing the window, which can be pricey and not covered by your car insurance policy.

Instead of breaking a window, you can call a tow service for car lockout services. The tow driver has a lockout kit that they can use to maneuver the lock open and get you back inside of the vehicle.

Removing a Broken Key

If you broke your key off inside of the door lock, you may think that you have no way of getting your car open. However, a tow driver with a lockout kit can typically still maneuver the lock open. They can use a tool to slide inside of the door and unlock the door without having to use the lock itself.

This option will at least let you get back inside of the car and drive home. You can leave the door unlocked until you can take the car to a mechanic to get the lock replaced.

Unlocking Without a Key Fob

Finally, a towing company that offers car lockout services can unlock your doors even without a key fob. It does not need the fob to jimmy the locks back open. You can get inside of the vehicle as needed until you can replace the fob or get another set of keys made.

Car lockout services can benefit stranded drivers. You can regain access to the car if you have locked your keys inside. They can be used even with missing fobs or broken keys.

Contact a local towing service to learn more about car lockouts.