Towing a semi-truck or other heavy vehicle is different than having your car towed when it is not running. A semi or heavy truck could weigh thirty or forty thousand pounds without a load on it, and loaded, it can easily reach eighty thousand pounds, so finding a service that can deal with that kind of weight is critical. 

Truck Towing And Recovery

Towing a large truck may require a tow truck capable of towing the power unit and the trailer in one move. Heavy truck towing is more challenging than moving a car and often requires recovering the truck before moving it.

A truck that has gone off the road may be stuck in soft soil or could have rolled over and will need righting. The recovery is often the most dangerous part of the job and can do the most damage to the semi-truck, trailer, and tow truck, so it is critical that the operator knows how to lift the semi-truck back onto its wheels safely. 

It is critical to let the heavy truck towing company know what the situation is when you call them. The information ensures that they arrive at the scene with the right truck and equipment to get the job done correctly and keep everyone safe in the process. 

Breakdown Towing

If your truck was not involved in an accident but is not running and needs to go to the repair shop, a heavy truck towing company can help. If you have a trailer on the semi-truck, your dispatcher may want to send another driver to pick the trailer up and move it the rest of the way while you are getting your truck repaired. 

For drivers that own their trailer, this might not be an option, so you may need the towing company to bring the trailer in as well. The heavy truck towing company can tow the power unit and leave the trailer attached, or they can disconnect the trailer and use a semi-truck that they own to pull the trailer to the shop for you. 

If the trailer is loaded, towing it separately is often less risky, and it doesn't take much time to separate the trailer and the tractor. The trailer can be parked at the shop or in the yard of the towing company to ensure it is safe while it is sitting. 

Roadside Assistance

There are times when your truck does not need towing but can be repaired right where it is sitting. If you only need a tire changed or some minor repair and don't have the right tools, let the towing company know, and they can send out a service truck equipped to make the repairs for you. Look into companies in your area that offer heavy-duty towing