Big rig trucks weigh thousands of tons and have massive horsepower. This design helps them haul bulky loads from one location to another. However, these huge loads make them prone to mechanical breakdowns. When trucks break down in the middle of the road, towing them back to safety is also a challenge. For this reason, towing companies provide broken trucks with roadside assistance instead of hauling services. This article looks at three instances when you'll need roadside assistance for your large vehicle. 

Problems With the Tires

Federal law recommends that all vehicles in a commercial fleet undergo regular checks to ensure roadworthiness. Part of the assessment process includes checking the state of the tires to ensure they wear out evenly. But trucks travel long distances and experience varying road conditions while carrying heavy loads. That means a tire can burst in the middle of the highway even if you inspected it before starting the journey. The best step is to call a towing service for roadside assistance when this happens. They will replace the tire immediately, allowing you to proceed with the journey. 

Failure of the Braking System

The braking system is a crucial component of a heavy truck. Unlike the smaller vehicles that you can maneuver even when the brakes aren't in perfect shape, faulty truck brakes can lead to an epic disaster. Brakes get damaged as a result of air leakage, water, and corrosion. If you notice that you are having trouble bringing the truck to a stop, you should slow down immediately and call for roadside assistance. The tow company will come with the right tools to check the state of the braking system and determine which parts need repairs. After a proper diagnosis, they will fix the issue, enabling you to drive with utmost confidence and safety. 

Cooling System Failure

Trucks have a complex cooling system because of their bigger engine capacity. The system also has to work harder than a small vehicle to ensure effective heat balance in the engine. But sometimes, the system can fail because of a leak in coolant levels or other underlying complications. When your engine overheats, it's advisable to stop the vehicle immediately to avert other problems. Again, you can benefit from roadside assistance services when faced with such a situation. 

Towing companies will always come in handy when you need to resolve issues that occur unexpectedly on the road. So if your truck experiences any of the issues highlighted above, do not hesitate to call a towing service for roadside assistance.