Heavy duty vehicle (HDV) towing is a service provided by professional towing companies specializing in large vehicles. These companies offer 24/7 emergency towing services. They also offer regular towing services, which include flatbed truck rentals, auto transport, car hauling, and other related services.

Discover four services offered by a heavy-duty or large vehicle towing company below.

1. Emergency Roadside Assistance

Heavy duty towing companies offer a wide range of emergency roadside assistance services. For example, if you've been in a truck accident, the last thing you want is more damage to your vehicle. So heavy-duty towing companies remove your vehicle from the accident site and transport it to a safe location.

Large vehicle towing companies have huge towing capacities meaning you can use them to haul all classes of cars. They mainly use a flatbed truck for large vehicle transportation and towing. Flatbed trucks have a large, flat platform that can accommodate vehicles of all sizes.

Most heavy-duty vehicle towing companies offer 24/7 support. Therefore, have them as an emergency contact for recovery towing services.

2. Extractions

Heavy-duty towing companies offer light and heavy-duty recovery services. Their services are ideal for towing vehicles from unpaved roads, mountain pathways, or ravines. These companies have the equipment and experienced drivers to haul your automotive.

In addition, heavy-duty towing companies offer underwater recovery services for vehicles that have gone off the road and into a body of water. Underwater recovery is complicated, but rest assured that a heavy-duty towing company can handle the job.

3. Equipment Moving

If you have massive equipment that needs moving, a heavy-duty towing company can help you. They have the necessary equipment to move your equipment safely and efficiently. In addition, they will determine your equipment's capacity and choose the best route to move it in the best condition.

4. Transported Hazardous Material Containment

Large vehicle towing companies can contain hazardous materials under transportation. They ensure the safety of your divers, other road users, and the environment. The last thing you want is a spill of dangerous materials.

For example, if you own a liquefied petroleum gas supply company, large vehicle towing comes in handy whenever any of your trucks overturns and needs urgent evacuation. Experienced heavy-duty towing companies will handle the hazardous materials and take necessary care in proper containment procedures and specialized handling requirements.


Heavy duty towing companies offer the above services, among others. Therefore, contact a trusted heavy-duty vehicle towing company if you need any of the above services.