If you have an older car or truck that is no longer driveable, you may want to have a car wrecker service remove the vehicle for you. Most wrecker services will take the car away and scrap the vehicle, and often there is a wrecker service nearby or in larger cities and towns that can help. 

Vehicle Wrecker Services

Vehicle wrecker services have been around for years. However, the way they operate has changed over the years, but they still take junk cars and trucks, then scrap them for profit and sometimes sell any good used parts. These services have tighter regulations, so the old scrap yard that would take any vehicle and crush them may require a bill of sale and proof that the car you are scraping is yours to dispose of. 

The idea is to combat problems with stolen cars being scrapped, or the parts sold in the used market. The government has also added regulations that limit oil, ain't freeze, and other chemicals being spilled on the ground and contaminating soil. Many modern salvage yards have gravel yards and protection under the gravel to stop large spills.

The vehicle wrecker service may also have to undergo regular inspections to maintain its license, so the operating costs for these businesses are getting more expensive. 

Vehicle Pickup

When you have a car or truck to get rid of, you can call the car wrecker service and ask them to haul it away. Most salvage operations will take what you have, but if there are not many good parts left on the car, they typically will not pay anything for it. In some areas, the wrecker service may even turn down a vehicle unless you bring it to them if there is not much value or resale value in the make and model you have.

Often there are wrecker services that will look for inexpensive or free cars, but call them and talk to the operator about what you have and its condition. If the car is rusty and missing pieces, the wrecker service may haul it to the crusher, but some may charge you for the service because they are losing money on the vehicle. 

If you live in an area with multiple car wrecker services or salvage operations, keep looking until you find someone to take the car for free. If you can't find someone to scrap your old car, you may want to look for alternatives, like donating it to a charity that will scrap it and use the profits to offset the costs of the organization or foundation.  

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