Owning a car is one of those special joys that enhance your life. When you start it, you can feel the engine's power as it comes to life. It is a beautiful sound that evokes a feeling of anticipation and adventure. Well, these sounds are perfectly normal and sometimes a source of pleasure. However, with time, your car may start making strange noises that may indicate trouble. This article will highlight three sounds your car should never make so you can seek immediate auto repair whenever you hear them. 

1. Loud Bang From the Rear Side

Is your car making a sound like a gun or a firecracker when accelerating? Well, this can be embarrassing and leave you wondering why it is happening. The likely cause is that you are running too rich. In other words, more fuel than air enters the combustion chamber, causing unburned fuel to escape and ignite in the exhaust, hence the firecracker sound. Unfortunately, running rich means consuming more fuel than necessary, and your exhaust system may sustain costly damages. Seek auto repair services immediately. The experts will fix it effectively, whether it is a faulty oxygen sensor, mass airflow sensor, or clogged injectors.

2. Screeching Sounds When You Brake

When you want to stop or slow down, your brakes should respond quickly and effectively without making sounds. If yours are making screeching sounds, then you could use auto repair services. That screeching sound is your brake pads telling you they are worn and need replacement. If you do not heed their cry, you will note that your car may take longer to slow down, which could expose you and other road users to accidents. If you want to enjoy your car and life longer, call a tow truck to take your car to an auto repair expert to fix the defective brakes.

3. Clanking Noise as You Drive

Several things can cause your car to make a clanking sound when you hit potholes or a bump, but the most common one is damaged suspension. With the damaged suspension, you may also note that you struggle to keep your car straight. So, the clanking noises are not just an annoyance but could also mean your safety is compromised. Engage a reliable auto repair contractor for suspension repair to ensure you can drive safely and comfortably, even on bad roads. 

The benefits of owning a car are endless. You can go anywhere without waiting for the bus or hailing a cab. However, if you want to enjoy this freedom without car troubles, pay attention to the above and any other unusual noises and seek auto repair services immediately.

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