Do you have a vehicle that is damaged in some way? Maybe you have a flat tire and no spare in the trunk or you have more significant damage after going off-road into a ditch or striking another car or someone's property. If your car clearly needs some kind of repair, you are likely looking for auto repair shops near you. But there's one more thing you need to do after you contact the repair shop and that's consider if you need a professional towing company to help you move your vehicle.

Just Because It's Drivable Does Not Mean It's Safe 

If your car has significant damage but still technically runs, it might be tempting to try and drive it to the local repair shop to save on a towing bill. But what if the car suddenly does something unexpected due to the damage it sustained? Driving a damaged car is a great way to get into an accident and compound your problems further. You'll also be putting yourself and anyone else in your vehicle in danger of harm.

Driving a Damaged Vehicle Could Cause More Damage

Even if what's wrong with your car is as simple as a flat tire, you should not be trying to force your vehicle to a repair shop if you don't have a spare. Driving on a flat tire can cause additional damage to the wheel, leading to a more expensive repair bill.

This concept holds true for the rest of the car as well. If you were already in an accident, you might not be fully aware of the amount of damage sustained under the hood. A car that technically runs is not the same as a car that can drive down the highway. You don't want to risk something going wrong and causing another accident, leading to even more damage to your vehicle.

Towing Helps Avoid Liability Concerns

If you know your car is damaged and you try to drive it anyway but then something else goes wrong resulting in injury or property damage, the fact that you were driving a damaged vehicle is going to be held against you by both the authorities and possibly the other party if you end up in court. Driving a damaged vehicle could be seen as negligence and that could result in a lawsuit.

Your Car Might Not Be Street Legal

A car with significant damage to it is going to get pulled over if you run into any police officers on your way to the repair shop. The police will force you to tow the vehicle from that spot anyway and then you might also have a ticket for unsafe driving to pay on top of your repair bill.

Contact a local towing service to learn more.